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Nine Inch Nails-Further Down the Spiral (halo 10)

Released on June 1, 1995 from nothing records and Interscope Records, Further Down the Spiral (halo 10) is a remix album that feature many remixes of material from The Downward Spiral that are mixed by not just Nine Inch Nails but several other artists and producers. Among them are NIN cohorts Sean Beavan, Brian Pollock, and then-live keyboardist Charlie Clouser as well as Rick Rubin, members of the industrial group Coil, J.G. Thirlwell, and a couple of original compositions by Richard D. James as Aphex Twin. The record showcases new interpretations of the songs from The Downward Spiral as well as pushing the art of what remixes can be in what is certainly one of the finest records from NIN.

The album opens with a remix of Piggy subtitled (Nothing Can Stop Me Now) that is produced by Rick Rubin that starts off soft with sounds of creaking noise loops and smooth yet distorted beats by famed session musician Kim Bullard that is followed by melodic pianos until the chorus kicks in with pulsating beats and thrashing guitars by Jane’s Addiction/then-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro as the remix moves back and forth in structure. The Art of Self Destruction is a remix of Mr. Self Destruct that is featured in three different mixes. Self Destruction, Part One by the then-live line-up of NIN in vocalist Trent Reznor, guitarist Robin Finck, multi-instrumentalist Danny Lohner, keyboardist/programmer Charlie Clouser, and drummer/programmer Chris Vrenna along with engineers Sean Beavan and Brian Pollock is really a re-interpretation of the song with Reznor whispering the song’s lyrics with wailing and layered guitars from Finck and Lohner, warbling beats from Clouser and Vrenna, and other electronic textures as well as a noisy guitar solo by Finck and a hammering and thrashing instrumentation towards the end.

The other two remixes in The Art of Self Destruction are by J.G. Thirlwell as Self Destruction, Part Two emphasizes on the chugging beats, layers of electronic noises, and Adrian Belew’s wailing guitar work as it would include other layers of sounds including samples of different percussions and noises that include a sample of Time by David Bowie. Self Destruction, Final is a continuation of its predecessor by Thirlwell with its emphasis on bopping percussions, noisy synthesizers, and looped guitar tracks by Belew that starts off as an instrumental until Reznor’s vocals appear after three minutes of instrumental as the chorus would include more beats and guitars as well as samples of Bowie’s Time that would pop up later and in a loop.

A remix of The Downward Spiral subtitled (The Bottom) by Peter Christopherson, Jhon Balance, and Drew McDowall of Coil with Danny Hyde is an atmospheric remix that starts off with warbling sounds of synthesizer textures and Reznor’s soft vocals with some distortion that would then be followed by sounds of sprinkling synthesizer melodies that is carried by sounds of guitars, pulsating beats, and synthesizers in the background as it is one of the album’s standout cuts. A remix of Hurt subtitled (Quiet) by Trent Reznor is essentially a cleaner mix of the song from its album version as it has less of a static filling in the background along with a cleaner guitar sound and a climax that is less impactful.

The first of three remixes of the song Eraser by Coil and Danny Hyde feature different takes on the song as the first remix subtitled (Denial; Realization) opens with sounds of swirling guitar and electronic loops that becomes clearer by the song’s guitar riffs and screams in the background that would intensify with its beats and Reznor’s vocals in parts of the songs that he sings. The second remix subtitled (Polite) is a calmer version of the song that is driven by a melodic yet swooning synthesizer with some strings in the background as Reznor sings lyrics of the song. Erased, Over, Out is the third remix as it emphasizes on the warbling synthesizers being looped with slow screams that would reverberate throughout the entire track.

The first of two contributing tracks by Aphex Twin in At the Heart of It All as it is this track with distorted yet throbbing beats with metallic drum beats as well as sounds of bass-drone synthesizers that is definitely inspired by NIN that has James emphasizing on atmosphere and distortion. The second Aphex Twin contribution in The Beauty of Being Numb is a track in two parts with the first by NIN with Beavan and Pollock is Mr. Self Destruct being played backwards with additional instrumentations that goes on for more than a minute-and-a-half until it becomes a completely different track by James that is largely an ambient pieces with warbling noises in the background to James playing a smooth piano track as it would crossfade into the album closer Erased, Over, Out.

The international version of Further Down the Spiral (halo 10 v2) is a different version of the album that is presented in ten tracks rather than the 11 in the U.S. version with some major differences. Tracks such as Self Destruct, Part Two, Hurt (Quiet), Eraser (Polite), Erased, Over, Out, and The Beauty of Being Numb are replaced in favor of a live version of Hurt, Self Destruct, Part Three, and two remixes of Heresy and Ruiner by Charlie Clouser. The live version of Hurt which was the version used for the song’s music video is powerful with the piano replacing the guitar on the song with Reznor being more emotive in the song vocally. Self Destruct, Part Three by J.G. Thirlwell is the remix that follows closely to the original song with additional textures in some of the quieter parts as well as in Belew’s guitar.

The remix of Heresy subtitled (Version) by Charlie Clouser that emphasizes on a pulsating yet steady beat with warbling vocals and other textures such as samples from a TV show in the remix as it is standout. Clouser’s remix of Ruiner subtitled (Version) as it is a synthesizer-driven remix with Reznor’s whispering vocals as the verses are switched from the original as it include some rhythmic beats, pulsating live drums, and warbling vocals for the song’s bridge as it’s another example of Clouser’s brilliant contributions to NIN. The Japanese version of the album included an extra track which is a remix of Reptile in Reptilian by Dave “Rave” Ogilvie that appeared previously in the single for March of the Pigs.

Further Down the Spiral is an incredible remix album from Nine Inch Nails. Not only the album, in its two different versions, is an exciting album that gives listeners ideas of what songs can be in their different interpretations but also show that NIN can do so much for others in manipulating their songs or be inspired by the group such as Aphex Twin in the 2 contributing tracks Richard D. James provide. In the end, Further Down the Spiral is a spectacular remix album from Nine Inch Nails.

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