Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog News 3/26/12

Due to lack of interest and enthusiasm, I will be temporarily closing the blog for the time being.

During that time when I was writing for, I used to enjoy writing about films and music and there was a great balance for it. There were periods where I would often shift from one thing to another. Once again, that shift has been towards films. There's a lot in that spectrum that I can write about while I've also been divulging into writing screenplays which I'm still doing though sporadically.

While the stuff I'm listening to right now varies, none of the music I listen to has been anything new. In fact, I've been very disenchanted with the music scene altogether. I don't go to concerts very often because I'm always broke. There's really nothing out there that interests me. I have no desire to re-post old reviews from because I don't know what to put out there for the time being. I don't have the desire to re-edit or re-write music reviews either.

Well, that is all to say as I'm going to be posting more on Surrender to the Void which has been my mainstay for now. Until I feel like writing something that relates to music, this blog is now temporarily closed.