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Nine Inch Nails-The Day the World Went Away (halo 13)

Released on July 20, 1999 from Nothing Records and Interscope Records, the single for The Day the World Went Away (halo 13) is the first single from Nine Inch Nails from their group’s third full-length studio release The Fragile. The single marks a departure as well as a preview of what is to come from NIN as it would feature the song plus a remix of the song and a B-side that would also appear on the album. The result is one of the group’s finest singles.

The single opens with a slightly shortened version of the song as it is this haunting yet drone-based track led by its soothing sounds of synthesizers and followed by layers of dreamy yet distorted guitars that include a few melodic notes. The song then goes into a quiet tone with its synthesizers as Trent Reznor sings lyrics that are filled with loss that play into the idea of the unknown following death as he’s later joined by a group of singers singing along with for its coda. The remix known as the (quiet) mix opens with Reznor singing the melody with other vocalists from the original song plus Kim Prevost as it is a more somber take of the song driven by atmosphere textures of wind noises, soft guitar strums, and a piano as Reznor sings the song as it is later followed by soft percussions to close the song. A second remix from the single’s 12 inch release is from Porter Ricks that is essentially a dub-based remix driven by a thumping beat and distant vocals that is presented through a low mix.

The single’s B-side in Starfuckers, Inc. is a fast-paced rocker co-written with then-NIN programmer/keyboardist Charlie Clouser opens with bopping and fast-paced beats with Reznor snarling through lyrics in his disdain towards stardom and celebrity with a chorus that goes into rock mode with hard-hitting drums and driving guitars. The chorus feature a group of backing vocalists that say the words “starfuckers incorporated” as it includes a quiet section of Reznor singing lyrics from Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain as it play into the idea of fame and celebrity as the single version of the song features a sample of Shout It Out Loud from KISS at the end of the song.

The single for The Day the World Went Away is an incredible release from Nine Inch Nails that marks a new and daring direction from the outfit. Notably as it showcases ideas of what is to come as well as providing ideas that are familiar but also with something fresh. In the end, the single for The Day the World Went Away is a remarkable record from Nine Inch Nails.

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