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Nine Inch Nails: Sin (halo 4)

Released on October 10, 1990, the single for Sin (halo 4) is the third and final single from Nine Inch Nails from its debut album Pretty Hate Machine. The single features three remixes of the song by Adrian Sherwood and Keith LeBlanc plus a B-side in the cover of Queen’s Get Down, Make Love produced by Al Jourgensen of Ministry under the Hypo Luxa alias. The remix single would help the song become not just a popular live staple for NIN but also one of its quintessential recordings.

The remixes of Sin is in three different versions as the short version at four-minutes and nineteen seconds was released for the song’s very controversial music video while the long version at nearly six minutes both versions is given more dance-based rhythms to the song with the long version featuring extended synthesizer pulses with layers of synthesizer melodies and extended breaks in the instrumental while the short version is an edited version of the song. The instrumental dub mix is emphasized on many of the instruments in the song with few of the vocals appear every now and then in just three words of the song in warbled and heightened mixes. The cover of Queen’s Get Down, Make Love is a mid-tempo track with samples of the 1962 film version of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a Japanese porn film, and Queen’s We Will Rock You as it has a unique structure. It starts off smooth and slow with some funky guitars and layered synthesizers as Trent Reznor sings Freddie Mercury’s salacious lyrics and the song then rocks full-on for its chorus.

The single for Sin is one of the finest releases from Nine Inch Nails as it just spans a total of nearly 20 minutes in its four tracks. Along with a great B-side that would become a live staple for some time, the single definitely plays up into what NIN would do for clubs as well as their reputation as must-see live act.

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