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Nine Inch Nails-Down In It (halo 1)

Released on September 27, 1989, Down In It was the first major release of Nine Inch Nails as the first single that was written, produced, and performed by Trent Reznor under its main discography surname in halo 1. The song would feature two remixes by Adrian Sherwood and Keith LeBlanc as it would define NIN’s sound in its blend of industrial rock textures and pop craftsmanship that would make Reznor one of the top figures of the 1990s alternative music scene.

The song is this mid-upbeat track with a collage of synthesizer melodies and textures with some rhythmic drum beats and Reznor kind of rapping through the song as its lyrics is filled with element of despair. There’s bits of guitars in the song as it is truly this odd yet catchy song as the first track of the single is known as (skin) which would be the same version that appeared in the album Pretty Hate Machine. The two remixes by Adrian Sherwood and Keith LeBlanc would extend the song or add more textures. The first remix entitled (shred) gives the film an extended outro to play into the song’s muddy synthesizers as well as its metallic guitar spurts, warbling beats, and other textures in the synthesizers and song’s production. The (singe) mix is based on the musical form of dub with additional synthesizers, vocals in different parts of the song with elements of repetition, and rhythmic beats that are extended.

The single for Down In It is an excellent release from Nine Inch Nails as it’s an indication of what is to come from Trent Reznor. Especially in the remixes as well as the sonic production of the song of what Reznor would do as an artist and the songs he would create that would provide a template of the different kinds of music it would emerge for alternative music in the 1990s.

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