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29 Days of Bowie: Christiane F. Soundtrack

Released on April of 1981 by RCA Victor Records, the soundtrack album to Uli Edel’s 1981 film Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (Christiane F. - We children of Zoo Station) is an album that features mostly material from the late 1970s by David Bowie that had appeared in studio and live recordings. Yet, it is a record that plays into the world of a young girl who is a big fan of Bowie who appears in the film as himself playing a show in Germany.

Of the nine tracks on the album, three instrumentals are featured in V-2 Schneider and Sense of Doubt from “Heroes” and Warszawa from Low as they provide whatever dark elements were needed for the film. The three instrumentals along with a live version of Station to Station from Stage and the songs Look Back in Anger and Boys Keep Swinging from Lodger are presented in their exact forms from their albums. The album would feature single edits of Stay and TVC 15 from Station to Station as it cuts some of the extended instrumental portions of their original album versions. Yet, the major gem of the album is the song “Heroes” as it’s presented in a somewhat alternate version that is also called Helden where Bowie would sing the song’s second half in German as it shows that Bowie could still be engaging in a different language as the German lyrics were written by Maas.

Christiane F. is an excellent soundtrack album from David Bowie. While it doesn’t offer anything new to fans of Bowie in terms of rare material, it is still a fascinating record that serves as a fine sampler into Bowie’s work during the late 1970s. In the end, the Christiane F. soundtrack is a brilliant album from David Bowie.

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