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My Bloody Valentine-The New Record by My Bloody Valentine

After flirting with the post-punk sound of their first 2 records, My Bloody Valentine weren’t going anywhere until they got the attention of Joe Foster, who had just set up his own label Kaleidescope. With the indie music scene changing towards the C86 music scene in Britain, the band decided to make a change of a musical direction for their third record entitled The New Record by My Bloody Valentine.

Produced by Slaughterhouse Joe and songs written by vocalist Dave Conway and guitarist Kevin Shields. The New Record is an EP where the band changes gears for a more accessible sound though the band would still retain Shields’ noisy guitar work that he would try to refine in the coming years. Featuring the rhythm section of drummer Colm O’Ciosoig and bassist Debbie Googe, the record shows a fuller sound though the production remains overwhelmed by Shields’ guitars. While it is a major improvement over its previous records, it’s still a decent transitional record by the band.

The opening track Lovelee Sweet Darlene has Dave Conway sing a more nasally vocal style to bopping rhythm and Shields’ driving yet noise-blaring guitar as he sings very silly lyrics about a girl. By the Danger In Your Eyes is a faster, more upbeat track with pummeling beats and loopy bass lines that follow Conway’s calm vocals and Shields’ shimmering guitar as there’s more balance to the production despite Conway’s attempt to be earnest in his vocals.

On Another Rainy Saturday is another fast, upbeat track with bopping rhythm and Shields’ guitar ranging from its noisy shimmers to jangly washes. With Conway’s twee vocals, the song plays up its pop presentation as Conway sings very imagery-based lyrics. The closing track We’re So Beautiful is another upbeat track with pummeling beats and driving bass that is followed by Shields’ wielding guitar work and Conway’s playful vocal as he maintains the upbeat pop element of the song.

The New Record by My Bloody Valentine is a fascinating but strange record which finds the band pretty much in a state of transition. While it would feature a better production that shows more balance between the guitars and rhythm section. It’s still hampered by the band’s willingness to sound more twee while still wanting to maintain the noisy elements of its previous records. In the end, The New Record by My Bloody Valentine is a fine but underwhelming EP from My Bloody Valentine.

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